ALPICOOL, The Lifelong Strategic Partner of LG

ALPICOOL became the unique lifelong strategic partner in the domestic car refrigerator market and set the trend of high-end car fridge with LG!


As one of the self-owned brand, ALPICOOL is committed to the research and development of refrigeration systems, mobile refrigeration equipment and provide comprehensive refrigeration solutions such as car refrigerators, and masters the world's leading mobile refrigeration technology.

In 2018, ALPICOOL signed the unique lifelong strategic partnership with the international LG Group in the field of domestic car refrigerators. LG compressor is smaller in size and more efficient in cooling so that greatly improve the stability and space utilization of ALPICOOL car refrigerator.

With the development of national income level and living standards, demand for personal leisure and travel is also increasing. In particular, the continuous growth of leisure and cultural markets such as peripheral travel and camping has promoted the expansion of the demand for car refrigerators; therefore how to comprehensively improve the quality of mobile life for customer, became the important opportunity of strategic cooperation between ALPICOOL and LG.

It is believed that the two parties will continue to promote multi-dimensional and in-depth close cooperation in the future. It is believed win-win cooperation will definitely improve the experience and quality of products and create a new trend of industrial integration.