Our Story

Our mission: bring advanced technology to provide mobile cooling everywhere.

Where We Started

Camping, fishing, and the love of the outdoors are synonymous with our ideal lifestyle, but one important ingredient was missing on any extended trip away from home... keep fresh and cooling everywhere at any time.
The founders, Kim and his friends, who are outdoor enthusiasts, always drives around the world with a lovely golden retriever. During their trip to the Baltic Sea in Europe, a place with many beautiful self-driving routes, he found that the traditional plastic cooler box at that time just limited his good times – the ice cubes took up too much space of the box and once they were on the road for a few days, they must found a place to buy new ice cubes to keep the food fresh. After that, Kim started to pay attention to mobile cooling and exchanged ideas with people he met on the road. Campers, truck drivers, RV users, boat owners, all be enthusiastic to share their stories. “Singing, dancing, and drinking a bottle of chilled beer with friends by a campfire, nothing cooler than that” A camper of them said, “And it would be great if there are cool drinks at any time on our trip.”

Where We Are Today

Caring about what people really want, Alpicool always listens to novel ideas from those who are longing for freedom and have a strong desire to explore this world. Insisting on the innovation of mobile cooling, we now have refrigerator, air-conditioner, soft cooler, ice maker and so on, making comfortable outdoor and off-grid life in Yellow stone, Amazon rainforest, Alps, Serengeti, with stable quality, advanced technology and excellent cost performance. In addition to being portable and easy to use, Alpicool also  pays attention to protecting the environment while enjoying the beauty of nature. With the concept of health and energy saving, all our products are environmentally friendly.Now Alpicool can be everywhere you are: at home, on the road, in a park, or somewhere you choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are your cool friend with a simple wish to make you feel cool everywhere at any time!