Foshan Alpicool Technology:Help Nanshan cultural tourism develop,and sign a contract to invest 2 billion projects

May 19th, 2022 is the 12th "China Tourism Day". On the afternoon of that day, in the Nanshan town, Sanshui District, Foshan city,the launching ceremony of "Global Tourism and Taste Nanshan" smart tourism applet and the Green Tourism Thinking Forum were successfully held.Witnessed by leaders at all levels in the city,district and relevant departments,Junjie Qin,founder of Foshan Alpicool Technology Co., Ltd., on behalf of the company,signed a contract with Nanshan Town People's Government of Sanshui District, Foshan City.This cooperation is one of the key cultural tourism projects in Nanshan Town,Sanshui District.The total investment of the project is planned to reach 2 billion yuan.


Foshan Alpicool Technology Co., Ltd. based on the research of young people's camp consumption market,as a new category,redefines the outdoor exclusive camp,and conceptually surpasses traditional camp paradigm that represented by wooden houses,RVs and container homestays.With high-tech, high-quality and high-performance prefabricated room products as the market entry point,since 2018 it has greatly promoted the development of domestic camps,cultural tourism camps,and its strong industrial style products has led the trend of exclusive camp market.In terms of product delivery,it realizes industrialized production of one hundred percent of whole accommodation unit.After leaving the factory,the product is finished and can be used when water and electricity are connected on the spot,which greatly speeds up the delivery efficiency.To the greatest extent,the damage to the environment caused by on-site projects is eliminated,and the ecological development of cultural tourism projects is truly realized.


 Jingyu Qian,Party Secretary of Nanshan Town,said at the meeting that Nanshan will continue to integrate resources,make overall plans for development and enrich tourism products.One policy of one enterprise serves enterprise,and push Alpicool Technology and Granary Project to start production.The policy with high-quality tourism resources in the global tourism,is creating specialty scenic spots,hotels,guest houses and "Nanshan specialty of workers and peasants" modules.It's pushing ahead with the integration development of the first,second and third industries in Nanshan, and creating "Nanshan engine and pioneer in the global tourism" for Sanshui District to build a global tourism demonstration zone in Guangdong Province.


 Nanshan Town is a famous rural tourist resort in Foshan.It covers an area of 620 hectares,with 80 percent vegetation coverage,50 percent hilly area and 11 percent water area.It has unique natural resources and a deep foundation of the agricultural tourism industry.

Since the 14th Five-Year Plan,Nanshan Town has closely focused on the three major goals of "ecological barrier in the north,green rising highland and rural revitalization demonstration",persisted in promoting the development of cultural tourism at a high position and realized the integration of the first,second and third industries.Meanwhile,Nanshan Town is committed to shaping the brand of "Taste Nanshan",promoting diversified and global development.The cultural sector is flourishing.


Sanshui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the development of cultural tourism industry and actively promote the coordinated development of regional urban and rural cultural industries.They integrate into the characteristic construction of new scenic spots and rural construction, promote cross-border cooperation in cultural industrial parks,and upgrade cultural industry structure.The signing of the contract between Nanshan Town People's Government and Alpicool Technology provides new impetus to promote the high-quality development of Nanshan Town's cultural tourism industry,and realizes the win-win goal of enterprise development and industrial growth.