Hi there, welcome to ALPICOOL Q&A!

First of all,   thank you for your attention and love for our products.

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the usage of products in the background every day, so we specially open this column to solve your problems. Hope we can help all of you!

Q1: How long does it take for a newly purchased ALPICOOL   refrigerator to be turned on?

After receiving the newly purchased ALPICOOL   car refrigerator, it can be turned on after unpacking .

Specific steps:

plug in the power port press and hold the power button for 3 seconds (MK, T series) or tap the power button to turn on (other series) select the refrigerator mode ECO ( energy saving) or MAX (High Efficiency Mode) .  

Q2: How to adjust the refrigerator temperature with mobile phone ?

Android phone: Open the browser and scan the QR code on the manual  download  and install  turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone open the APP and click to search for the refrigerator and click connect select the refrigerator you want to connect tap the "Settings" button  on the refrigerator panel the connection is successful.

iPhone: Check in the APP Store to search for Alpicool, find Alpicool T Series and click to download or search the IOS QR code above to download downloading and installing turn on Bluetooth open the APP to search for the refrigerator to connect select the refrigerator you want to connect ta p t he "Settings" button on the refrigerator panel the connection is successful

Q3: What does the F1 stand for   on the display panel ?

F1 represents low voltage protection, the battery can be protected by adjusting the gear:

1.  P ress and hold the setting button for 3 seconds .

2.  T he gear on the panel flashes .

3.  P ress the setting button to adjust the H (high gear) to M (medium), L (low )

Q4: What does the F5 stand for   on the display panel ?

When F5 appears, it means that the compressor starts frequently, the pressure is too high, and the temperature is too high :

1.  C heck that there is wind blowing out from the air outlet of the refrigerator

2.  P ress and hold the set ting   button for 3 seconds in the off state,

3.  U ntil E1 appears on the screen, and press the plus and minus keys for 3 seconds at the same time

4.  When 888 appears to restore factory settings, shut down and wait 20 minutes before turning it on again.


The cooling buckle of the refrigerator should not be too close to the inner wall . It should be maintain a distance of 7-10cm.